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Bandex Eliza is a unique trademark curtain tape made by Bandex. It allows you to create a perfect, beautiful wave curtain style effect as simple possible.

The tape can be used both for track and pole systems. The width of the tape is 80mm and it is available in transparent color named Eliza, or white color named Matilda.


How to Sew It

There are two pockets available at the Eliza wave curtain tape. They are located in the upper top side of the tape. Make sure that these pockets are located at the upper edge of the fabric. Also make sure that the curtain starts and ends with the flat part (where both tapes are woven together) of the tape.

Now you can sew the tape on the fabrics just like normal pencil pleat tapes. Two sew lines are enough.

How to pleat the tape

The advantage and innovation of the Eliza wave curtain tape is the way of pleating the tape.

Just release the two draw cords from the channels and knot them tightly.

After that, you can gently start pleating the tape wave by wave by just holding the narrow tape. Once finished you may knot again the loose cords. Don’t cut them because you will need the tape pulled flat for cleaning the curtain.

How to hang the curtain

As already told, the Eliza tape has two pockets for curtain hooks on the upper side of the tape. Once pleated there will be one pocket available on the top side of each wave.

Insert the curtain hooks in the pockets and hang the curtain on the track using the track runners just like any normal curtain.

Eliza and Matilda Wave Curtain Tapes are available for retails and wholesale orders in our wave tapes product collection.

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