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The Dilotex Concorde S is one of the best selling and the most commonly used curtain tape in the market.

It has 3 draw cords and offers 3 available woven hook pockets that you can use with the curtain hooks. It’s fullness is variable, meaning that you can pleat it to be loose or tight according to your reference. Because of that, this curtain tape can be used in every room, like the living or dining room, the bedrooms or in the kitchen.

Deep Pencil Pleat Concorde 21 Features:

Outer: 4
Brand: Dilotex
Colour: White
Pleat Type: S
Pleat Width: 75mm
Weight: Light-medium
Material: Synthetic
Sew Lines: 0
Draw Cords: 3
Fullness: Variable
Pockets: 3
Construction: 50% Polypropylene 50% Polyester

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Dilotex Concorde S Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading Tape
Concorde S Heading Tape
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