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Strong and durable plastic hooks for your curtain window decoration. Suitable for light and medium weight curtains and fabrics.

These plastic hooks are compatible with almost every curtain rack available in the market.

Because of that our curtain hooks have become the ultimate curtain accessory.

The plastic hook is the only component that connects your curtains with the rack. The hooks are attached to the small pockets on the back of the curtain tape. After that each hook connects to the runner inside the curtain track.

Therefor don’t underestimate the importance of this small component. A high quality, strong and durable plastic hook can make the difference.

For heavier curtains and fabrics we recommend to check out our zinc plated hooks.

Curtain Plastic Hooks of 1000pcs per bag

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Weight380 g
Dimensions24 × 14 × 3 cm


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Curtain Plastic Hooks 1000pcs Bag
Curtain Plastic Hooks 1000pcs
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